Season 3 - Ranked


Season 3 Ranked is LIVE!! Start climbing your way to the top! Check out the patch notes here!

Freelancer Preview

Fill-Game Portrait
All we know at this moment can be found here. Head over and help contribute if you have found out details that aren't already there!

Role-Firepower Firepower

  • Blackburn-Game Portrait
  • Celeste-Game Portrait
  • Elle-Game Portrait
  • Gremolitions Inc.-Game Portrait
  • Grey-Game Portrait
  • Juno-Game Portrait
  • Kaigin-Game Portrait
  • Lockwood-Game Portrait
  • Nix-Game Portrait
  • Oz-Game Portrait
  • PuP-Game Portrait
  • Tol-Ren-Game Portrait
  • Zuki-Game Portrait

Role-Frontline Frontline

  • Asana-Game Portrait
  • Brynn-Game Portrait
  • Garrison-Game Portrait
  • Phaedra-Game Portrait
  • Rampart-Game Portrait
  • Rask-Game Portrait
  • Titus-Game Portrait

Role-Support Support

  • Aurora-Game Portrait
  • Dr. Finn-Game Portrait
  • Helio-Game Portrait
  • Khita-Game Portrait
  • Meridian-Game Portrait
  • Orion-Game Portrait
  • Quark-Game Portrait
  • Su-Ren-Game Portrait
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