The Scoundrel

Ex-Soldier and gun runner who can bounce bullets off walls.

Lockwood-Game Portrait
Role Role-Firepower Firepower
Affiliation TrustIcon helioCorps Helio Corps
Hit Points 120

Trick ShotPhase-Blast
No Cooldown
Fire a trick shot dealing 33 damage to an enemy. This shot can bounce off walls.

Gain 12 energy if you hit an enemy.
Mods ModToken
Mod Type-Special
Adds an additional bounce.
Mod Type-Damage Up
Extra Tricky  (Default)
Gains 1 additional damage per bounce
Mod Type-Cooldown
On The Move
Backup Plan cooldown reduced by 1 when Trick Shot hits a target.
Mod Type-Target Increase
Impaling Shot
Pierces the first target. Deals 12 direct damage to the second target hit.
Light 'Em UpPhase-Blast
3 Cooldown
Fire a barrage of bullets, dealing 30 direct damage to enemies.

Gain 8 energy per enemy hit.
Mods ModToken
Mod Type-Bad Status
Phosphorus Rounds.
Revealed-Icon Revealed
Can be seen by enemies
enemies hit until end of next Decision Mode.
Mod Type-Damage Up
Focused Fire
Deal 35 damage but reduces the width of the arc to 45 degrees.
Mod Type-Effect Size
Spray and Pray  (Default)
Increase firing arc to 90 degrees.
Mod Type-Cooldown
Gain 3 additional energy per enemy hit. Reduce cooldown to 2 turns.
4 Cooldown
Toss a laser trap on the ground. Enemies that move through it take 35 indirect damage. The trap lasts up to 2 turns.

Gain 12 energy if you hit any enemy.
Mods ModToken
Mod Type-Cooldown
Consolation Prize
If nobody trips the trapwire, the cooldown is reset.
Mod Type-Special
Throwing Arm  (Default)
Can be targetted through walls.
Mod Type-Special
Now a free action. Reduces damage by 15 and increases cooldown by 1.
Mod Type-Effect Size
Increase the size of trapwire, but reduces damage by 5.
Backup PlanPhase-Dash
7 Cooldown
Dash to target position. Taking damage reduces this ability's cooldown by 1 at the end of the turn.

Gain 10 energy.
Mods ModToken
Mod Type-Energy
Kinetic Dash.
Gain 1 energy for each square moved.
Mod Type-Range Up
Slippery  (Default)
Increases range by 1.
Mod Type-Special
Leaves a trapwire at your starting location that deals 20 indirect damage.
Mod Type-Shield Up
Tough Customer
Gain 20 shields until end of next turn.
Run and GunPhase-Dash
No Cooldown
Dash to target position, dealing 40 direct damage to enemies along the way.

Costs 100 energy.
Mods ModToken
Mod Type-Energy
Errant Assault
Gain 50 energy if you do not hit an enemy.
Mod Type-Energy
Gain 10 energy per enemy hit.
Mod Type-Damage Up
Armor Piercing  (Default)
Standing behind cover provides 50% damage reduction from damage coming from the other side of it
damage reduction is halved.
Mod Type-Range Up
Burst of Speed
Increase range by 3.


SKILLS: Quick draw, escape.

KNOWN FOR: Heists and hair products. Always shoots first.

IMPLANTS: Agility, charm (recalled).

War deserter. Rebel arms dealer. Scoundrel. Lockwood's truncated war record shows that he fought in Garrison's regiment shortly before vanishing into black market gun running. Even if Lockwood's status as Atlas' first Freelancer has afforded him newfound legitimacy, his slippery tactics are well documented. Historical, even. DNA analysis indicates that he may have resurrected in the Reactor's earliest cycles.

Stay on your guard and remember: Lockwood's always looking to shoot you in the back, even when he's smirking in your face.


Zuki-Game Portrait
Acted as Zuki's temp guardian. Invested in her business.
Garrison-Game Portrait
Friendly after the war.


Voiced By: Joe Thomas

Lockwood-Achievement-Rebel With a Cause
Rebel With a Cause
Deal 200 damage with Run and Gun in one game as
Lockwood-Game Portrait
Lockwood-Game Portrait