There are many different types of status effect within Atlas Reactor which affect various different aspects of gameplay. The following table gives an overview and each status effect is described in detail on it's own page.

Name Icon Effect
Might Might-Icon Increases damage output by 25%
Haste Haste-Icon Increase movement by 50%
Invisible Invisible-Icon Cannot be seen by enemies
Energized Energized-Icon Increases energy generation from abilities by 50%
Unstoppable Unstoppable-Icon Immune to knockbacks and movement reduction.
Weak Weak-Icon Reduces damage output by 25%
Slow Slow-Icon Reduces movement by 50%
Rooted Rooted-Icon Removes all movement
Knockback Rooted-Icon Displaces and Removes all movement
Revealed Revealed-Icon Can be seen by enemies
Scrambled Scrambled-Icon Can only use primary ability or a Catalyst