Don’t live in fear. Live in GEAR! Warbotics-made warbots and war suits make your life WAR-ry free. Reactor-forged in the radamantium stronghold once called Hyperion, Warbotics is battle-tested and built to last.

Put on a Warbotics warsuit, and even the apocalypse is a breeze. The world is a dangerous place, but even up against the debris storms and constant threat of death both outside and inside Atlas, Warbotics is on your side.


Inactive: Warbotics was defeated in the trust war and no longer exists in game.

Associated Freelancers

  • PuP-Game Portrait
  • Rampart-Game Portrait
  • Oz-Game Portrait
  • Garrison-Game Portrait
  • Blackburn-Game Portrait
  • Orion-Game Portrait

Social Media

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